Friday, 8 July 2011

My First Ruffle Cushion

At the moment I am participating in a swap on Craftster which includes one crafted item from my partners wishlist.  I noticed on her Pinterest site that she has quite a few home furnishings on it, including cushions with ruffles.  There seems to have been quite an up surge in people making these and sharing tutorials on them at the moment so I thought I would give it a go.  My partner had cream cushions saved but I had this really nice mint green cotton that I thought would fit the bill and was only a metre so was not likely to be used for clothing.  What do you think?
I wasn't sure when I started how many ruffles I would go  for, but in the end I covered the entire front side.  I was thinking of having just a strip down the centre but it didn't look quite right and I love the effect of the whole section of ruffles.  It also feels really nice when you brush it with your hand.
I looked at a few tutorials but didn't follow one exactly, I just measured one of my cushions to get the dimensions then cut lots of strips that are double the size of the width of the pillow.
I made it with an envelope back which is really easy, though if I do it again I will add some buttons on the flap to keep the pillow tucked inside all safe.
Artsy shot
I really hope my partner likes it, I have left the ruffle edges raw and pulled the loose threads to give it a shabby chic looks which I actually really like.  I wasn't sure if it would look unpolished but I do think it adds to the feel.


  1. This turned out great! I'm thinking of doing this to a lampshade and some matching pillows too.

  2. Great idea for the lampshade, I have seen someone do it badly, they made the ruffles so think the light couldn't get through heehee!