Saturday, 9 July 2011

Charity Shop Pattern Finds

We popped out this morning to visit the butcher in Killay which is just down the road but we had only driven past before and I found a little treasure trove.  There are few cafes, supermarkets and bakeries and just opposite the butcher is a lovely little charity shop.  It is one of the more junky, things piled everywhere, everything a few quid type ones which you don't seem to find so much any more.  All the ones in the town centre have become far too upmarket, selling fair trade goods and shop seconds and you just don't find sewing supplies in them.  This looked good though and I asked and after getting the poor lady who worked there to move some boxes for me, she revealed 2 big boxes of patterns!  Hurrah!  And only £1 each?  Extra hurrah!  So I limited myself to 5 and I have got......
Simplicity 2195 - 1957
I am very pleased with this one, I thought it looked 1950's when I found it but there was no date on it so I checked on the Vintage Pattern Wiki when I got home and it is 1957!  My suspicions were correct!  This was the oldest one that I could see so I got it for that reason, plus I love the second view with the red check shirt and short sleeves. 

Style 1505 - 1966
This is a nightdress pattern but the 2 lower neckline dresses could easily be day dresses with a cute little belt.
Style 1998 - 1977
The first view is too much flower power and ric-rac for me but I really like the blue dress with the eyelets and criss-cross ribbon in the front and I have not seen many dresses where the sleeves and bodice are made from one piece of fabric.
Butterick 6205 - 1970's?
This one doesn't have a date but it looks 1970's and wiki seems to agree with me.  I realise now I have got this home that it is pretty similar to the 1975 Floral Dress I have just made!  I tend to find I end up going for the same styles in ready-to-wear clothes but now I seem to do it in patterns, oh well!  I really like the yellow sleeveless patterns and the 2 puffy sleeve versions at the front.  
Butterick 4376 - 1989
Yes it looks '80's BUT just look at the Kate Middleton wedding dress in the middle!  I can definitely make something pretty with this.  I really love the lacey dresses around at the moment and this is already in my size, perfect!

I have also started going through my patterns and adding them to the vintage wiki where I haven't already found them on there as I think this is a great resource. 


  1. Lovely finds and I tend to get some 80's patterns too you can really hack them into something cool

  2. That is what I am hoping! I think the lacey dress with a slightly shorter length could look really good.

  3. Wow! Wonderful find! There are no shops of its kind where I live, so I'm very, very jealous! (Wink)

  4. I didn't think I had any near me until I found this little gem!