Monday, 4 July 2011

Burda Style July 2011

It's July so that means it is another summer issue of Burda Style.  I love that the Burda magazines are in tune with the seasons as it annoys me when summer mags start talking about what to wear in winter!
So my favourite pattern is......
 This really cute skirt from the Seaside Scene section :)  Isn't it pretty?  I can see it in so many colours and patterns and it is young and sweet for Burda which tends towards the more grown up woman most of the time.

This is just a simple tube top but I really like the sequinned fabric they have used and the elastic top and bottom will keep it from falling down.  I haven't seen sequin fabric that is patterned before, just one block colour.  I'm not sure where you could get this in the UK but I will have to keep my eye out.
This snazzy pink colour is the designer dress pattern by Dice Kayek which I am just not sure about.  I quite like the daring  structural shape but I am sure it is something that I would not wear myself but it would be a learning experience to sew it up.
This stylish jacket is from the Simply Black section which has lots of little black dresses but I think the tailoring on this jacket makes it something a bit special.
I also really like the clothing in the Romantic Mood section, maybe it is just because it is pretty girly and full of lace.  This boat necked shirt is really pretty and floaty, I can see it looking pretty in minty green.
I am loving the lacey ruffles on the front of this shirt, the same technique could easily be used on any shirt pattern but this sleeveless pattern keeps is casual.
This is a hairband tutorial with lace and pearls which I think is really fashionable right now but also something that really suits me.  I am looking forward to making my own version of this.
There is also a section on making your own cupcake inspired decorative items which is also very in fashion at the moment and is all over the internet.

 So for my worst dressed...
I really don't understand these trousers, they have a low crotch, high waist and the rolled up cuffs look like something from the '80's.  Not me, but I am sure some people love them.

There is also a really lovely lace kimono but for some reason my scanner just doesn't want to scan it right now, will try again in the morning.

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