Thursday, 12 July 2012

Burda Style June 2012 Review

Oh gosh I didn't realise I had forgotten to post June's issue, so you get a double whammy now!
Burda 6/2012
Dress 126
 I am not normally a fan of the sun-cover-up-tunic type dress but I quite like this one.  I think it is because the of the fitted long sleeves plus I could see it with the waist cinched in tighter and it would make a cute day dress.
Dress 136
I really love this dress, it is the designer pattern from Luisa Beccaria, who I must confess I had not heard of but she makes the most fabulous light and airy evening dresses with lots of lace and ruffles so she is right up my street.  I love the chiffon fabric used here and I think the halter style would be very flattering and the cute little ruffle round the hem is so sweet!
Skirt 123
I know bubble skirts are a Marmite item of clothing (I am in the hate it camp) and technically this is a bubble skirt.  However I really like it.  It is not that pronounced and I like the fact it twists to the side creating an interesting detail.  Also the blue stripe they have made it with makes it look really casual, I think it would be great in a similar shirting fabric.
The DIY section of the magazine involves the gem stone trend that has been seen on the runways.  In this section they have used craft foam which I don't think would survive the washing machine but I think it would work well with felt or fabric too.  Quite a cool way to jazz up a plain outfit.
Skirt 111B
I quite like this romantic floaty skirt though I don't think I would pair it with a sweatshirt, it could look great for a summer wedding.
Dress 141B
This is quite a simple wrap dress though I would be a bit annoyed if it kept blowing open as the picture shows.  I am thinking this could be made reversible or lined in case it does.
Dress 112
This is my pick for my least favourite.  It might not be obvious why, it is pretty much a simple halter neck but there are two versions in this mag and neither of them seem to fit properly.  The problem seems to be at the bust and shoulders where is is gaping on the model which leads me to think I would have no chance getting it to fit me properly!


  1. My local library has these magazines to borrow. I really wanted this one for dress 136. I think it's stunning and there are loads of lovely crepe fabrics in the shops here. The problem is, the magazine is still reference only! ARGH!

    1. Eek that is annoying! Can you photocopy it is you can't take it out of the library?

  2. 112 is just too low cut, puts the "hello boys" wonder bra adverts of old to shame! I may have to borrow your idea of blogging about each issue so I can remember which patterns are in what issue! I always forget I have a wealth of patterns in each issue...

    1. That is one of the reasons I blog about it, it is so much easier to find a pattern that I have in the back of my mind as I can just click through the posts rather than search my 3 years worth of mags!