Monday, 16 July 2012

Burda Style July 2012 Review

Burda 07/2012
On to July and 'Sexy Summer,' I wish it felt like summer here in the UK but today felt like winter with rain and grey clouds everywhere!

Dress 101
I am not a fan of the colour blocking of this dress but I really love the buttoned closure down the front and the pleated skirt.  There are a lot of a dropped waists in this issu which is not always flattering but I think it could be if fitted properly.  I think the model could have done with a size smaller too as it does look a little big all over.
Dress 111

This is actually a dress rather than a shirt and skirt which is pretty cool and I think it is a really casual way to wear a pleated skirt too, the pale blue shirt looks pretty with the pleats.
Dress 109
Another dress where I don't love the colours but this could make a really pretty little black evening dress.  I like that the bow can be tied or left open and the chiffon fabric version in the magazine is sweet as well.  I couldn't bring myself to post a photo of it though as the hem looked like it had been torn and was unravelling, yikes!

There are several really sweet little shirts too but my scanner just would not scan a pic of them!  I don't know why but it wouldn't work, I think what I liked best was that they used the same fabric for each so the different designs really stood out.

Dress 133
The dress everyone is talking about!  I am so glad Burda chose to revisit the vintage pattern like they did in a previous issue and this sweet cross-my-heart dress is so lovely!  I really  want to make one of these (once I have used up some of my stash pile!)  I have already seen two lovely versions on the interwebs by Sewingadicta,with contrast bands and Sewing Your Style over on We Sew Retro who used the cutest flip flop fabric. Also is it just me or is the model Rachel Barry from Glee?  haha!
Dress 131
Ignore the random beach setting for a little black dress, not sure what is going on there, but this dress would be totally office appropriate.  I don't work in an office but I still crave office wear.  I don't know why but that is most likely why I am drawn to this one.  The pleated front would help hide lumps and bumps too and the sleeves are adorable.
Dress 135
I normally really dislike anything in the plus size portion of this magazine as it all tends to be shapeless but this issue has me drooling.  Not that the patterns would fit me but I really really love the vintage twist they have given them.  Polka dots and a wiggle dress (and a sailor) yes please!
Top 136B
I really like this wrap top too it is flattering and I really like the three-quarter sleeves.
Dress 139
Another sailor!  This dress is really stunning.  I love the minty colour and the cowl style neck and again with the sweet little sleeves.

Trousers 128
I can't decide what to make of these trousers, I get the idea but all I can think of is if the drawstring worked loose you could end up with a gaping hole in totally the wrong place!  What do you think?

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