Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Em's Hen Do!

A few weeks ago it was my lovely friend Em's hen weekend which she had no idea about apart from the date, time she was being picked up and a kit list with several erroneous items on it (shower cap and head torch anyone?) so that she wouldn't guess the activities we were doing.  I really wanted to contribute to the big day that was being organised by her chief bridesmaid and as we live close together it was pretty easy to come up with some secret plans.

I spent some time sewing up 10 sashes for the hens and a special white one for the bride then using freezer paper stencils to write Em's hen on the back.  Most of us are heavily involved with the guiding movement so there was a guiding element to the hen hence why the writing on the sashes is on the back so that the bride-to-be and the hens could earn badges that we made over the weekend for different activities  they participated in.
On the Friday night I used a recipe from my Milkshake Bar Cookbook and added a shot of Bailey's to make a special cocktail named after the bride herself.  The chocolate lego men were made by the chief bridesmaid from an ice tray as Legoland in Denmark had been the place of the proposal (with a lego ring no less!)
'Dirty Dean'

The Saturday involved a little bit of this....
Water zorbing
...a scary amount of this...
Hill Zorbing, two people strapped in a ball and pushed down a big hill SO MUCH FUN!
...a beach picnic (it was cold, damn you Welsh weather!)...
Bride-to-be with her pineapple Paul she had to care for the whole weekend
...some Baywatch style running...
The lifeguards weren't impressed
...the highlight may have been this...
Rescuing the lifeguards!
...which we thought made us honorary lifeguards for the day...
Jazz hands!
...some silly games and family quizzes before the obligatory big night out...
The Kenyan plate drying wiggle dance, don't you know!  (plus my paper doily bunting and pink cupcakes)
....and at the end of it all we each got one of these!
Featuring the groom!
It was such a fab weekend and everyone had a really good time.  It was great to do something a bit different and I have always wanted to try zorbing.  My favourite part of it was getting to know all of Em's close friends, some of which I hadn't met before, which guarantees the wedding is going to be a blast!


  1. I have never heard of zorbing, but it looks like so much fun!! I also didn't know what you were doing with hens…a chicken party? But i figured it out! Little bit of a language gap for me. Where I live it's a bachelorette party. And at the next one i go to, I want to go zorbing!! Although it's would probably make me sick! Do you end up very dizzy?

    1. I wasn't that dizzy but some of the other girls were. In Britain it is a hen or stag party for the bride or groom but I don't really know why!

  2. This post made ​​me smile! Thanks! it's nice to wake up and take a look at something as positive as this in a morning's work, you had a lot of fun and that is transmitted by your words ...

    1. Thank you! My intentions were to share a bit of the fun we had over the weekend so I am glad you enjoyed it!