Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Vintage Vogue Re-issue Summer Dress - Work in Progress 4

Putting the top of the dress aside, I am on to the skirt of my dress.  I have never made pleats before, I have only ever sewn gathers so this is an interesting first for me.  Again I have made some modifications with the buttonhole flaps to match the top and to take into account the lining I am using.
Skirt Buttonholes
I wasn't as careful over these and it does show, though the black stitches will be removed later.  I started with the lining pleats so any mistakes I made wouldn't be obvious, stitched the sides together and then the pleats in the top.
Skirt lining pleats
I really love the look of the pleats and I was pretty pleased with them and their evenness. 
Skirt lining
The instructions on how to sew the pleats in the instructions were not very clear and I top stitched the pleats before I realised that I could have sewn it on the wrong side and hidden the stitching.  Oh well, it is a feature now! 
Skirt back
The pleats are straight really, I just pinned this onto my form while I went to work so it is not lined up properly.
Skirt Front
Ooo look at the lovely fall of that fabric!  Yay! I also love that the heavier lining fabric pushes out the skirt and gives it a nice fullness which the lighter fabric wouldn't have on its own.
Currently on my dress form...
So this is the top and bottom so far, a bit of a sneak peek!  They are not yet sewn together and the skirt lining is not even sewn to the outer skirt fabric yet.  I can see how the dress will look like overall now too.  Personally I loved the fabric when I bought it and I still love it now.  My boyfriend however said it looks like '80's curtains and asked if I would only wear it when I am not out with him.  Charming.