Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vintage Vogue Re-issue Summer Dress - Work in Progress 3

It has been a hectic week but finally I am posting last weekends progress. 
Back bodice
Then I sewed the bodice pieces together and the lining pieces so I had 2 versions of the bodice.  Next is wear it became a bit more complicated.  The pattern did not include a full lining so I had to make up my own instructions.  I stitched the lining around the neckline and down the sides which make up the front of the dress where the buttons close.
Inside of bodice
Well it is working so far, then came the bodging bit.  What I should have done (in hindsight) is when cutting the fabric originally I should have left off the facing section of fabric on each side of the bodice (the part folded over in the pictures.)  As I am lining it the need for the facing was removed but I didn't think about this then.  I could still have adjusted it now by cutting off the extra fabric but I quite liked the idea of the patterned fabric being on the inside so that if the dress gapes at all then you will only see fabric and not my cream lining so I have kept it.
Inside of buttonholes
I decided to keep the folded in facing which I have hemmed and I cut down the lining to prevent it for becoming too bulky.  I then hand stitched the top and side of the facing to the lining to keep it in place and to hide the stitching.  I don't mind a bit of hand stitching but I don't tend to do it on clothing so this is quite different for me and I just hope it holds.  On the opposite side I have left the facing without folding it back so that it will extend longer behind the bodice.  I am hoping this will mean that if the dress gaps open at the buttons you will just see more floral fabric rather than my bra!  I know other people have had this problem looking at pattern reviews.
Front of bodice
A lot of pressing with my trusty steam iron has helped the shape of the bodice to come through and to reduce the bulk.  It always amazes me how different a project can look with a good ironing.
Bodice Front
So this is where I have got to so far.  The pattern instructions suggest sewing the shoulder straps now but I am thinking I should wait until the skirt is attached to see where it falls and how much the weight of the skirt pulls the straps down.  The straps are slightly off the shoulder and they need to be sewn in just the right place to stop them from falling off all the time.  Hopefully I can do this.
Back bodice


  1. Sometimes I sew a tiny bit of elastic into my straps to straps to keep them from falling. You can sew it by hand so the stitches don't show through and only do it at the the top of the straps. You can also put some around the bust to keep it from gaping. I usually sew it to the lining before I attach it though. It just makes the dress fit well around the bust.

  2. Thank you I might try that in the straps. I don't normally have a problem in the bust, if anything I am more busty than patterns usually allow for but not enough to make any major adjustments. I am planning on sewing snaps to attach my bra straps too so you can't see them but also it will aid holding them up.

  3. Oh looking impressive! I wish I had the skill to make my own dresses. I have a few retro patterns that I won, but I just dont have the time and skill!

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