Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Felt Flower Hairclips

Something you may not know, I am an assistant guide leader of a lovely guide unit in town and one of my favourite things is to do crafts with them.  I have been asked to run a four week program and I am considering doing the craft badge with them.  Last week we had a parents evening which included fund raising for our older girls Baden Powell weekend.  The girls made loads of lovely cakes and I made some little felt hair slides to help raise money.
Felt Hair slides
The cakes went down better than the crafts that myself and the other leaders made but really this was positive for the girls.  I will most likely put the leftover flowers on my Misi site in case anyone wants them.


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  2. This is a fun project! I was a scout leader too last year. It's fun but hard thinking up fun activities all the time! Thanks for sharing your project at my link party. It would be a good project for making Christmas presents with kids.

  3. Those are so cute! I think they would be adorable decorating all kinds of things.