Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spring Catch Up

 March Snow! Nr Durham
Long time no post!  Sorry guys, it has been a while!  Real life has just gotten a little crazy so I thought I had better do a little catch up post for the last 2 months.  Firstly we went to stay with the fiancés sister and now husband near Durham in the run up to their wedding at Easter weekend.  We didn't have any snow in South Wales so turning up to snow like this at the end of March was just a little bit of a shock!

We had a lovely few days making confetti cones, a hat box, running wedding related errands and sledging.  
Sledging fun

Toby, the best sledge Retriever ever!
After a few days staying at their house we checked into the gorgeous wedding venue and hotel at Matfen Hall.  I would completely recommend it as a venue though it is definitely out of my wedding price range, it was a lovely place to stay and Sam and I had the whole weekend there which was really lovely.
Kat & Colin
The ceremony was lovely and everyone had a fantastic time at the wedding.   It has definitely sparked a relapse of wedding fever in me, heehee!
Stunning dress
  The flowers were gorgeous, I loved the colour scheme and they were all put together in situ the day before by a member of Colin's family.  The food was lovely with a to-die-for chocolate pudding that we managed to order in the bar the next day too!  Staying with Katherine and Colin before the wedding really helped me get to know them better and I know they will have a very happy marriage as they compliment each other perfectly.

The week before the wedding we had been viewing houses and had settled on one really liked.  We took the weeks holiday to decide properly then had another viewing with my parents who came to stay for a few days and put in an offer.  Our first was rejected but our second got accepted!  Hooray!  How grown up do I feel buying a house?  Crazy.
Back of the house from garden
So now we are waiting for the boring bits of mortgage and searches to go through, so have everything crossed for us!


  1. Matfen is such a lovely place for a wedding. Hope everything goes well for your house buying adventures

    1. Thank you! The setting and venue was fantastic. We have had a few issues with the house this week, but when does it ever go smoothly?

  2. Lovely! Its great to see you back and congrats on the house! When we bought ours in August we got rejected first time too. Now the real work begins! I still have boxes floating around! xx

    1. Eeek! I am so excited to get to the point where we can actually move. We are waiting on the Land Registry and estate agents now.