Monday, 11 March 2013

Lovely Corners!

I have bitten the bullet and cut my fabric!  The cotton lawn lining was really lovely to cut but is a complete wrinkle-fest however much I iron, press and steam it.  At least it is the lining so I am the only one who will see it.  The moss crepe was pretty awful to cut, it has a bit of give to it and it likes to shift around all over the place.
Stay Tape on Seams
The Burda Style pattern calls for bias or stay tape on the neckline and armhole edges.  I must confess I didn't have a clue what this was!  After a bit of googling I found a great article on it over on Gertie's blog which explained it all clearly.  basically it is used for stabilising the curves on neck and armholes and is sewn on just inside the seam allowance.  I realise now that this is just a different technique to stay stitching which I have used on necklines before.  I thought I would give this a go though so see how it works in comparison   I would imagine it is a fair bit stronger than normal stay stitching.  I got some sew in stay tape on ebay as I couldn't find iron on and I wasn't really sure I would get iron on tape to behave.
Lining Front Sections
I had another go at the dreaded angled front pieces using this tutorial on the Burda Style website.  It is a really simple tutorial but it totally works!  My corners are crisp and lovely and although there is a little wrinkling in the lining fabric corners, the moss crepe corners are looking good!
Front of bodice
The moss crepe is harder to sew as it is a little slippery but it doesn't need pressing at all and doesn't crease or wrinkle at all!
Back bodice

I have sewn the back darts and the shoulder and side seam now so the bodice itself is all in one piece.  It is looking pretty good but I still don't  know what to do about the cap sleeves.  Sleeves or sleeveless?

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