Saturday, 27 April 2013

Going Underground

It was Sam's birthday last weekend and as we are planning on moving soon he said he just wanted things for the house.  He has a bit of a weakness for cushions (yay!) and the London underground so when I found this fabric it was like a match made in heaven.  Unfortunately it is now out of print so I scoured the web to fnd somewhere that might still stock it.  I came upon Creative Quilting which still had stock and ordered a metre.  I then had a very nice e-mail from the company to say that unluckily it had sold out over the bank holiday weekend and they would have to refund me.  Sad times.  However they would send me the end of the bolt they had left FOR FREE!  Talk about good customer service!  I then did a quick ebay search and found someone selling a similarly sized bolt end for £4, snapped it up and with a bit of creative thinking I had enough fabric to make a lovely pair of cushions!
I see the Jubbly, Bakerpoo and Pickawilly line!  (Yes I am a child!)
I actually think I have ended up with a more interesting cushion than if I had just made a solid fabric one.  The red and blue boarders reminds me of the underground sign itself and I made the backs in one of each.  The red was actually left over from my new girl dress (which I have finished but haven't blogged yet, actually I am wearing it as I type!) and the blue is from my anchors away circle skirt.  Nothing like a bit of reusing off cuts!
King's Cross!

In actual fact these ended up being the cheapest cushions ever by happy accident!  I might add a button to the back as the cushion pads were slightly large for the finished cushion but I love making these envelope style backs, so easy and effective.  Sam really liked them and I think they will go with pretty much whatever colour scheme we choose in the new house!


  1. These are so cool! I love them! I'm going to pin and remember :) Thanks!
    Jessiekays @