Sunday, 14 August 2011

Vintage Vogue Re-issue Summer Dress - Work in Progress

I started this project quite a while ago but other things have cropped up and it is not going very quickly.  Hopefully posting it on here, combined with my week off will give me a bit of a kick up the bum.  I got this lovely re-issue of a 1954 Vogue pattern in the Daily Mail giveaway last year, for just the price of the postage.  Bargain!
Vogue V2960
This pattern does scare me a bit, it has bound buttonholes which I have never done but I am going to attempt. (If they go wrong they will end up as just machined button holes, I warn you now!)  I am using the lovely floral fabric I bought at Sewing for Pleasure which is fairly see through so it is going to be fully lined.
The dress instructions do not include a lining so I am just winging that bit but I know the theory of how it should work.  I think I will line it and then add the floral facings over the top but I hope this doesn't make the top section too bulky.  I have made some changes to the pattern, but I can't entirely remember what they are!
I know I took a bit of fabric off the arm hole as these always seem to be too tight on me lately.  I *think* I took a bit off the length of the torso piece to make it sit at my waist better.
So far I have cut my fabric and lining but that is where construction ends.  I will have to gee myself up to carry on as in my mind those button holes are a bit of a hurdle.  I did get these really cute buttons in a contrasting colour to go down the front.  I figure if I am going to have buttons all down it then I want them to stand out.


  1. You have made some great choices! I really love the fabric. Can't wait to see the dress.

  2. That's a great pattern, and I love your fabric. What fun buttons :)

    If you're fully lining the dress you don't need to use the facings. Or you can sew the facing to the lining and trim the lining where it underlaps the facing (clear as mud?). The first option would give a smoother line but might result in lining peeking out at the neckline. The second has seams at the facing/lining join and more bulk. I wouldn't recommend lining and using the facings--facings are in lieu of a lining, or bias binging the edges.

  3. Thanks Summer. I wasn't going to use the facings whilst fully lining it but the lining is plain so I thought maybe I should use the facing incase any of the fabric pops out. Perhaps I will just stick to the lining and not worry about the facings. I didn't think it would be that bulky as the fabric is pretty thin but it is being interfaced. Thank you for your advice.