Monday, 7 January 2013

Review of the Year 2012

I have done a little review of my year in picture collages this year as last year I wrote a resolution post and broke all of them so I don't really want to do that this year!  I have made a sewing resolution and have entered it in Didyoumakethat's resolution sewing jar which is to make 5 items from my current to do list.  This may not seem like a lot but when I have only made 5 actual garments this year due to working 2 jobs now it will be a challenge for me.  Especially as I tend to ignore my list and come up with brand new things I want to make!  My current list is under the My Makes tab at the top of my blog, if I can make more than 5 then all the better!
Banana Carousel, Lilac Love, Anchors Away, Titanic, Emerald City

Magazine Makes
Bunting, Shoe Clips, Tiara, Buttonhole
 Craft Bits
Christening Bunting, Hen Sashes, Sugar Skull Pin, Gnome, Sugar Skull Cross stitch, Cake modelling 
Yummy Goodies
Tea Bag Biscuits, Cocktails, Marshmallow and Toffee Cakes, Teddy Pops, Angry Birds, Cake Pops
So it turns out I made more food than garments oops!  It was a really good year though, my first writing for a wedding magazine and my first hen do.  Seeing 2 lovely couples get married, having a fab time at Halloween and celebrating the Jubilee and the Olympics.  Here's to an amazing 2012!

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