Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Christmas Presents

Look at all the lovely sewing/cooking related goodies I ended up with this year!
I got a lovely Levi Roots desserts book which will no doubt feature in its own blog post in the future, I am eyeing up the molten chocolate puddings recipe already.
I got this lovely scarf from my Mum who bought it at an antiques fair and she thinks it may well be quite old.  I'm not too sure but the sequins on it are quite different to ones I had seen before, they are more domed rather than flat.
 My brother and my now fiancĂ©e both bought me the Burda Style Handbook which was my own fault as I had mentioned it to both of them without realising it.  Basically it has one pattern for each garment with directions then it has lots of ways to alter and change them up.
Some shots from the book

Top - Loving the sheer purple and navy shirts

Skirts - I love the pale blue layered one and the red polka dots

Dress- The pale blue and the cute bow one call my name here

Coat- Gorgeous navy coat with a hood here

Bags - Loving the Gertie cane handled one and the hearts

I am in love with this dress from Casey's blog and I am so happy there is a how to in the book for this!

I also got the Colette book from my brother.  Colette is so popular with bloggers and as yet I have not got my hands on one of their patterns yet.  I think it is good value for money too as you get five lovely patterns included.
I really want to make the Truffle pattern, it is so gorgeous!  I have in fact already ordered some fabric with the intention of making it up for my finance's sisters wedding.


Taffy and Meringue



  1. I would be really interested to see what you do with the truffle dress as I would like to make it for a wedding myself but am too scared to start!


    1. Oh you should make it, I think it would be fab for a wedding. I have one dress to make before it then it is next on my sewing pile so watch this space!

  2. I got the Burda Style handbook too! I'm currently working on the coat, though it has proved to be more of a hassle than I have liked. (Tracing out patterns takes FOREVER. Ugh).

    That Truffle pattern Is so gorgeous. I'm excited to see your version! I also love the scallops on the Meringue skirt, so pretty.

    1. I don't mind tracing patterns, I am a bit weird though, I find it quite soothing. I am really looking forward to starting the Truffle!