Monday, 26 March 2012

My First Blog Award!

I have been away for a week and a little holiday-bobs and I come back to find I have been awarded this!  I am very grateful!  It is my first award and I know they tend to flash around the interwebs but I have never had one and I appreciate that the lovely Crissy Baker from Adventures in Adventuring for choosing me.  I love her blog, you have to check it out, she makes the cutest dresses, my favourites being the unicorn dress and the fabtastic poodle dress!  How much do I want that dress?!

The Rules
  • add the badge to the winning blog page
  • thank the blogger who gave it
  • list the rules
  • list seven (7) random facts about yourself
  • pass on the award to five (5) deserving and conscientious bloggers who are nominated for their diligence, demonstration skill, and achievements in the world of blogging and specifically in the sewing related category.
  • contact the nominated bloggers and let them know they are recipients
 The 7 Random Facts
1) Last week I went on a little holiday to Cambridgeshire house sitting for my boyfriends parents.  I had a lovely time and got to visit these pretty places:
Peterborough Cathedral

Cambridge Punts
2) I absolutely HATE baked beans.  I don't like the texture of any beans and last time I ate baked beans I was sick.  I don't even like the smell.

3) I am an assistant guide leader and have been gradually taking a more and more active role in the unit and district.  I am helping out with the division Jubilee tea party soon so expect more cup cakes and cake related goodies in the future.  Last week we made these for the teddy bear challenge, based on my previous cake pop post.  (Mine were neater than the girls, bless them!)
Teddy Bear Cake Pops
4) I read A LOT.  I always have a book on the go and carry one around with me most of the time as you never know when you might have a spare 5 minutes or a sunny spot to sit in.

5) I have wedding fever!  Two of my friends got married in February and one of my very close friends is getting hitched in September and then my boyfriends sister next March!  Gees a lot of weddings, I guess I am that age now!  All these weddings can't help but make me start thinking about it too heehee! 
Fabric Garlands
6) I have an extra bone in each of my feet.

7) I am desperate to get a cat.  I love cats and haven't had one since I was little.  Luckily my boyfriend is a cat person too though we cannot agree on the cat we want.  I would like to adopt any old thing whereas he wants one of these!
Maine Coon Cat
Yes they really are that big!

My Nominations
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If you have been awarded it before, you don't have to do it again, it just shows how awesome you are!


  1. I never knew you had an extra bone in each of your feet. Crazy :D

    I think I'd secretly be scared of coming to your house if you had a cat that big :P

    Well done on the award Larrrtchem!

  2. Those wedding garlands are so pretty! And that cat is huge!!

    Daisy Dayz

  3. I love the garlands, I would love to recreate them and the cat is huge, Sam thinks it would terrorize the neighbourhood kitties!

  4. Oooh, thanks so much! The extra bone thing is so intriguing! And I think you should get a giant cool!!!

    1. I would seriously love a giant cat, I need to save up though as those things are expensive!

  5. i wonder if we have the same extra bones in our feet-- because myself, my sister and my mother all have the same thing going on! our ankles are also unusually boney... must be one of those things awesome people get.....

    1. How funny! They are kind of in the arch of my foot and I only found out about them as they were really painful when I was 13 so they e-rayed me to see what was going on. Once they finished growing they didn't hurt any more and I don't even notice it now!