Sunday, 5 February 2012

Oxford Charity Shop Bargains!

Style 4467 1973
This week I spent a day in Oxford visiting the museums and markets and picking up a few bargains along the way.  There was a really lovely 1950's pattern on a stall in the outdoor market but it was a bit expensive for something I know I wouldn't be using right away and will sit in my stash so I passed it by.  The same lady have a 1910 one too but that was way out of my price range and was a childs pattern so I was not very likely yo use it.  I did however find some lovely new-to-me patterns in a charity shop for 50p!  If anyone gets a chance to go it is in the indoor market and has lots of knitting and sewing patterns as well as wool and the odd bit of fabric!  Heaven! 

I got this 1973 pattern above because I loved the ruffles and the white details outlining the bodice on the pink dress.  The shorter dresses are very wearable now.
Woman's Weekly B496
I don't know the date of this pattern but looking at the Vintage Pattern Wiki it must be 1960's. This is a great resource and I always add my patterns to it if I cannot find them on there as it is great to have some record of different patterns, styles and dates.  I like the double-breasted style top but this is the least inspiring of the patterns.  I'm not sure what colour of pattern to make it out of.  Any ideas?
Woman's Weekly B915
I absolutely love this one!  I have a real thing for pin tucks and this is right up my street.  The obi style belt is really cute too and the Chinese style collar is fab.  I can see this in a sleeveless version in pale blue with lace already!  The funny thing about this one is that it has an illustration of Venice's Bridge of Sighs and we had just been to see the Oxford copy of the bridge that morning!  I wonder if that is why the original owner bought it?
Oxford Bridge of Sighs
McCall's 5553 1960
This one is in a pretty bad way.  the envelope is torn open on both ends and the pattern was falling out.  I took a gamble on it as it would be perfect for the Sew Weekly Mad Men challenge coming up( (plus it was 50p).  When I got home I got it out and the 2 skirt pieces and the neck facings are missing.  Not too bad, I can re-draft the neck but I will have to find something else for the skirt.  I am hoping I can.  If anyone out there has this pattern I would be happy to pay for the skirts pieces traced off.

In this envelope there was also a very interesting little note which I will do another post on as I have been looking into where it came from.  I love it when you find little things like this, such as shopping lists of bookmarks in things you have bought second hand. 

In the same shop I picked up this white dotted polycotton for £4 I think this would make a really cute little shirt.

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