Sunday, 19 January 2014

House tour!

While considering buying our own house (yippee!!) I took a LOT of photos to show our various relatives of the house we ended up buying so I thought I would share some of them here.  The house needed total redecoration and we have done a fair bit of building work too but it is by no means finished.  Trying to plan (and pay for) a wedding at the same time as doing up our house/moving in has meant we have lots of started but not-really-finished projects.  These are the before pictures though, before we had done anything at all to the house.

We didn't think we would get as much house for our money as we have ended up with and the hallway is really big.  (Though dark here due to the '70's wood panelling and carpet.)
 The front room featured textured wallpaper, a plastic faux log effect gas fire and the thickest greenish-murky shag carpet I have EVER seen!  Said carpet was the first thing I wanted to get rid of when we moved in but alas 2 months down the line and it is the only carpet remaining from original!  In the end we decided the carpet was better than the concrete floor in the front room as we do spend a fair bit of time there but I still can't wait to change it.
Back room.  The house was a little bit odd as it almost had two living rooms.  It was built in the 1920's so then they would most likely have had a sitting room for best which was only used on Sunday's and I imagine this back room would get most use.  A slightly more modern fire in this one but an uglier fireplace unfortunately.  Oh and the carpet!
The kitchen was absolutely tiny.  Doesn't look too bad here?  Well this is it.  At the edge of the picture is the door leading in and behind me is a wall.  This was all the units the previous family had and I can tell you it is HARD to cook in a kitchen that size!
Upstairs then, is this lovely landing.  I really think this is part of what sold the house to us.  It is large enough for a sofa and really quite spacious.
The main bedroom is a similar shape to the front room and pretty large.  It is a bit of a pain being a strange shape as it is hard to know where to put the bed.
The back bedroom has the lovely little original fireplace which I just wish was in the main bedroom.  Bonus new boiler in here too.
Luckily, unlike everywhere else, the bathroom has seen some modernisation and has a pretty good shower too.  This is the only room we haven't done anything to and won't need to in the near future.

So there it is!  Our very own first home.  Seeing these pictures makes me realise we have done quite a lot to the house already even if it does seem like slow progress sometimes.

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  1. How exciting, it brings back memories of when I bought my first house in a similar state 20 years ago! Good luck as well with your May challenge.