Monday, 9 September 2013

Wedding Hoopla

What do you get the crafty bride who doesn't want presents?  Something homemade of course!

One of my bestest buds got married this weekend and I made her an embroidery hoop with their wedding date as a present.  The lanterns were taken from her hand-drawn invitations, ala Tangled, and it was my first time at embroidery, which was better on the lanterns than the writing but I did perfect my French knots.

I am really happy with it!  It went down a STORM and really broke the ice with all of her wizard friends (she's a Harry Potter nut).  I knew she would like it as strangely, seeing as I turned them into animals, it actually looks like them.  Kylie is a vintage loving, mis-matched print wearing red head and Matt loves metal, horror films, gaming and Wolverhampton Wanderers, hence the football shirt. The wedding itself was fantastic, so much laughter and happiness, lots of pictures of that to come!

Oh and if you haven't seen this the watch it!

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