Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lilac Love Wedding Party Dress - WIP1

I am lucky enough to have a week at the moment so I have been working on my party dress as the weeding is this Saturday!  EEK I am excited!  Pattern cutting took a long while compared to normal as I had to cut the lilac fabric on the grain and then try and line up the heart tulle so that it was straight on the grianline and would match at the side seams.  I only achieved minimal success but I don't think it looks too bad and the all important front panel is pretty perfect.

Pattern matching
Nice straight front lines
Just pinned here but the seams are not exactly matched though they are straight
I think my pattern matching went a bit awol as I forgot I couldn't just line the hearts up as it has the dots in between and I didn't allow enough room for the repeat.  Oh and my dress form is smaller than me, hence the overlap.

After the outer bodice fabric was sewn I started on the lining.  I am using the same lilac for the lining and instead of making boning channels as the pattern stated I used some matching grosgrain ribbon which I actually bought for another little project.  The bodice has plastic bones on each of the seams which will help to keep its shape and hopefully prevent wrinkles in the fabric and make it stay up better.
Lining with bones
Ribbon boning channels
Next I made up the halter straps for the bodice which I have made pretty wide as I prefer the look of wider straps and it will give me more support and less worry of my dress falling down while dancing!
Halter straps, not tied
I am pretty happy with how it is looking so far.  My boyfriend keeps telling me it looks too modest, he thinks the neckline comes up too high but I keep telling him I haven't done the top seam yet.  I am wondering whether to take a bit extra out at the front to make it lower or perhaps make the V a bit deeper?   Any suggestions?


  1. Try it on and then make the judgement call about how high or low to make the neckline because your dressform doesn't have real cleavage so it's hard to tell. It is a wedding so you don't want to be showing everything, but on the other hand it doesn't need to go all the way up to your neck either. Oh and the weight of the skirt may pull it down a bit also?

    1. Thanks for the advice, I will try it again with the skirt to see how it feels. Since adding the lining and straps it has started to gape a little at the front which is annoying but this could disappear once I have added the zip.

  2. Yeah I might try it on and see if it should be taken down a little. Also I think the thick straps make it look modest - not that there's anything wrong with that!

    Regardless it's looking super cute so far, love the print and the style.

    -Sara, Road to the Heart

    1. Thanks! I wanted thicker straps to balance out my bust, they aren't tied in the pic so they won't look quite so broad then.